My daughter wrote this poem, and its great.

Show Racism the Red Card

Think of your worst nightmare,

How scared you were,

Then you wake up and realise,

It’s all a dream,

I am in a nightmare,

Twenty times worse than any ones,

And I can’t get out.


Men with Machetes,

Yelling abuse,

Already into our home,

I can’t move,

Mum and Dad are screaming,

Telling us to go,

I can’t move.


In five swipes they are gone,

Mum, Dad and my sisters,

Screams that will echo forever,

Hearing voices the men ran away,

Leaving me still stuck to the floor,

Leaving me all alone,



Police found me,

They said they were sorry,

Pretending that they are sympathetic,

My feet came back,

And now I am all alone,

Without any family,

I had to go out of the country.


I got placed in England,

With a family of three,

The mum, dad and a boy,

They didn’t understand,

They hated me,

Especially the boy,

All because I am black.


First it was just glares,

Stares and dodging me whenever he could,

Then it turned nasty,

He started to call me names,

Cornering me before I got back,

Than hiding the scars from the foster parents,

All because I am black.


I joined school and it got worse,

Abuse shouted from every angle,

I felt like my skin was a curse,

I had no friends, I sat alone,

No one helped, no one cared,

I wished I could disappear forever and more,

All because I am black.


Then I made a friend,

She was ever so kind,

She listened to me,

All the time,

She told me I don’t have to suffer,

She told me this wasn’t fair,

Maybe I am not so strange.


I talked to a teacher,

A counsellor as well,

I learnt how to ignore them,

They got used to me,

I told them my story,

They like me now,

I am not strange.