I wrote this poem when trying to think of what to write to a friend whose child had died after suffering a long illness.

There Are No Words

There are no words

It makes no sense

This dreadful loss

Of innocence.


How can this be?

That life so pure

Could end so soon

And be no more.


His place was here

Beside his kin.

To share and love

And cuddle in.


How short his time

With us has been.

Cruel fate has taken him

Not yet a teen.


Just questions are left.

And anger, grief and tears.

We can't believe he's gone.

He's lost so many years.


He's gone to sleep

With peace for a cover.

To wait for us

In heaven, for his mother.


Think of his smile

When you miss him at night.

Keep a piece of your heart

For him, Forever, Sleep tight.