This poem speaks for itself.

Everything Will Be Wonderful

If you look real hard,

at the man over there

and he doesn't realise,

and turn and stare.

Then maybe you'll see what he is.


Watch him smile, and beguile,

One hand closing in.

On his goal, their soul,

To win.

Then maybe you'll see what he is.


"Everything will be wonderful!"

"Everything will be free!"

That's what he tells them all.

"Let's go, come with me!"


If you look in his eyes,

You'll see something's wrong.

As he tells

 of a much better way.

But why can't they see what he is.


And the bit that he likes,

Is when they just realise.

Its too late, and they're going with him.

They've got it wrong, and they've paid

With their life and their soul.

He takes them down, down, down.