I wrote this poem a long time ago. Its corny but it makes me feel good every time I stumble across it.

Pulling A Bird

"Having trouble in love?"

The Pigeon asked the Dove.

The answer was yes.

An educated guess.


The Pigeon was a dedicated admirer.

The Dove a beautiful flier.

He, not sure how to tread.

She, not clear in here head.


And together they flew, ere to neither knew.


In the past, she had rejected the Pigeon.

And settled for life with the Chameleon.

Whose feelings were far from true.

And really loved a sparrow named Sue.


Things were fine, until she heard.

About Sue, from a little bird.

The Dove then told, with a frown.

The Chameleon to get out of town.


Now the Dove was on her own.

The Pigeon decided to let it be known

He loved her, and proposed a marriage.

She gasped yes, and they lived happily in

a railway carriage.


And together they flew, ere to, neither knew.